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Ads by My Perpetual Biz

Get Paid to Advertise

Would you like to get paid for advertising your business?

How about a complete set and forget advertising system, that will not only promote your current primary business, but also provide you with another income stream, completely on Auto Pilot!

Welcome to My Perpetual Biz. - the program where you get PAID to advertise YOUR business!

Dear fellow marketer,

Thank you for taking the time out to view this rather unique program.

I have called this program "My Perpetual Biz" simply because that is what we are all about .....creating a perpetual business for our members.

We provide quality advertising for your website, plus promote your "My Perpetual Biz" affiliate link which enables you to make a substantial secondary income, up to $2200 per month, and it's done all on Auto Pilot.

This is truly a set and forget advertising system!

Sort of like a perpetual motion machine!

Just start it up and watch it deliver quality traffic to your nominated website, building your Primary business, whilst creating a downline network of affiliates in your "My Perpetual Biz" business, for which you will get paid handsomely.


Effective Advertising to grow your Primary Business  whilst we build your My Perpetual Biz downline.


You will receive 500 page views per month to your nominated website, and a further 500 hits to your  "My Perpetual Biz" affiliate link, each and every month that you remain a member.

We exclusively use Traffic Exchanges to deliver this advertising both to your Primary Business Splash Page and your "My Perpetual Biz" affiliate link.

Unlike some similar programs who will only advertise your business throughout their own websites - we not only do that at no cost to you, but we will also advertise your business 500 times per month through the top 10 Manual Traffic Exchanges on the Internet.

In addition to the great advertising you will receive for your Primary website, we will also advertise your own "My Perpetual Biz" referral link, 500 times per month through a mixture of text links, banners and Splash Pages, so you can pick up some good referral bonuses....and make a tidy income at the same time!

Now some people ask me "why Traffic Exchanges?"

The answer - simply because they are a very, very effective means of getting your message across to many thousands of people. If they didn't work, ask yourself "why are there so many of them?"

The other benefit to advertising in Traffic Exchanges is that there are a lot of programs out there that suggest to their distributor network to market their product, service or affiliate program through Traffic Exchanges ....so you can be sure of getting your website seen by many new and fresh faces everyday of the year!


Our front end loaded Commission Plan ensures you will be in profit very quickly


Our Compensation Plan has been specifically designed for members to be able to break even with only 4 personally sponsored members.

It is also front end loaded to ensure that members can fund most programs they are involved in, completely from the proceeds of the "My Perpetual Biz" program, with as little as 20 people in their entire group!

Level # of members Commission Total Cumulative Total
1 4 $ 1.25 $ 5.00 $ 5.00
2 16 $ 1.15 $ 18.40 $ 23.40
3 64 $ 0.20 $ 12.80 $ 36.20
4 256 $ 0.10 $ 25.60 $ 61.80
5 1024 $ 0.10 $ 102.40 $ 164.20
6 4096 $ 0.10 $ 409.60 $ 573.80
7 16384 $ 0.10 $ 1,638.40 $ 2,212.20

Remember, you don't even need to advertise your "My Perpetual Biz". We do that for you, although if you do advertise your affiliate link, you will grow your "My Perpetual Biz" business faster, and make more money quicker!

In addition to the above matrix payments, you will also receive $1.00 per month for each personally sponsored member...whether you advertise, or your member is recruited through our advertising of your affiliate link.


Building a down line in any other program ?


Then use our program to fund your affiliates monthly subscriptions into your program!


If you are involved in promotion of a down line type of program such as GDI, NPN, GVO or Traffic Wave then our front loaded compensation plan makes it easy for you to market this program to your distributor force as a way of not only generating sales through the use of our advertising features, but also as a relatively quick and inexpensive means of funding your distributors monthly fees into your program.

As an example Traffic Wave costs $17.95 per month. By using "My Perpetual Biz"., your distributor can fund their monthly Traffic Wave and "My Perpetual Biz" subscriptions and receive all the advertising benefits below by having only 20 people in their entire Matrix! This is based on personally sponsoring only 4 people!

Can you image how fast your business would grow if you opened this program up to your down line, not only as a feeder/funding program, but also for the great advertising that they would receive.


I'll guarantee you will benefit from this exposure!


You join our inexpensive 4 x 7 Matrix program and we will advertise the splash page of your nominated program 500 times in the month through 10 of the top Traffic Exchanges on the Internet.
You will receive 500 monthly hits to your Affiliate link, to help you build your My Perpetual Biz downline.
You receive unlimited banner rotations throughout the My Perpetual Biz membership area for all members to see.
You receive unlimited text ad rotations throughout the My Perpetual Biz membership area for all members to see.
You receive unlimited banner rotations through out our sister site - Residual Wealth Success Formula membership area for all members to see. Current membership base is 3,500 and growing daily.
Your chosen link displayed in the Residual Wealth Success Formula membership area under the "Sponsors Recommended Programs" Page.
You receive a monthly commission of $1.00 for each member that you personally refer, whether or not you recruit them or our system recruits them for you!
Pro Membership in the Residual Wealth Success Formula program. This is essentially a down line builder program, which will grow your referral base in the Traffic Exchanges and other programs that you either choose to join or promote.
Free membership in our Promote-Your-Business URL rotator service - even free members can make money from here!
Your own back office where you can view, in real time your commissions earned and paid and your My Perpetual Biz downline members.


Even better still.......


You don't have to wait until your matrix is filled to receive payment. We pay on the first week of the next month based on the number of members in your matrix, according to the compensation plan shown above.
Everybody you refer to the Matrix will help you to build your own Matrix as well as their own. You don't have to fill the matrix all by yourself!
You will receive guaranteed spill over. The Matrix is compressed once per month, so there are no holes - ever!
You can purchase multiple positions and receive multiple commissions of up to $2,212.20 per month.
You will receive over $200 worth of valuable bonus products, most with resale rights, that will enable you to make even more money from your current business


Your membership also includes....


Your own Membership area which lists all members in your down line plus the payments that are due to you for the current months activity.
Splash Pages, Banners and Text Links all coded with your My Perpetual Biz. affiliate ID for you to use to promote your My Perpetual Biz. business. Remember you will receive an extra $1.00 per month for all those members that you personally refer.
Excellent promotion of your Primary business via way of text links and banner advertising, through your FREE Pro membership in our sister site which has over 3500 members and still growing strong.


...and these great bonuses


10,000 Banner Impressions and 10,000 Text Ad Impressions -- $50 Value
Lifetime Pro Membership to 7DayPromos.com -- $19 Value
Pop-up Generator Software -- Comes with 100% Resale Rights -- $34.95 Value
Safelist Directory with 300+ FREE Safelists with full resale rights ($9.95 to $19.95 value).
Instant Site Maker Software with 100% Resale Rights -- $34.97 value. Make websites easily. Exceptional! .
Affiliate Masker Software with 100% Resale Rights -- $34.95 value. Never lose an affiliate sale again! Highly popular product!
100 Website Designs -- Ready to use. Just download and you're set to go. You can give these away in any package you sell.
100's of Ebooks! Resale Rights, too ($17.95 - $29.95 value).


So what are you waiting for!

You are getting Great Advertising an Excellent Compensation Plan, Useful Bonuses plus we are building your My Perpetual Biz business for you all - for only $9.00 per month........

......and after the initial set up, it all runs on Auto Pilot - you don't have to do a thing!

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